December 27, 2019

Tiger House Engagement Session – Hudson, NY – Brynne + Peter

I love this Hudson engagement session for so many reasons — first, Hudson! I take any excuse to wander around this adorable Hudson Valley village. It’s sweet, unexpected and super endearing. On top of that — Brynne and Peter stayed at the intriguing Tiger House and we started our session there. I am always one for interesting spaces and I could have spent way too many hours in all the nooks and crannies of this beautiful, captivating place.

But even more so — I loved this session because I just loved Brynne + Peter. Full disclosure, I first met these two when I was, how do I put this, uh yes – a hot mess. I’ll explain. Last spring I participated in this great wedding fair called Wedding Crashers down in Brooklyn. Super amazing event, all these great vendors in one great space with lots of great couples walking through. In summary – it’s great. (it really is) But I was having a bit of an off day that day — I didn’t know it was the NYC half marathon, shutting down streets and making me so late. THEN – while getting lost, showing up late (my worst nightmare), looking for street parking, trying to get my table set up, stress crying a little – I immediately lose my phone (just the freaking worst). In all of this uncomfortable haze, I forgot I had donated a free engagement session to the raffle until Brynne and Peter showed up at my little table to tell me that they had won the session. I was disheveled, overwhelmed and so sweaty at this point — but they were so kind, so excited and so warm that I definitely cried. Again.

And then they came up to the Hudson Valley one spring weekend and we spent a a couple of hours walking around Hudson — and it was truly one of my favorite sessions this past year. Besides their warmth + kindness — they are super talented actors and I could have talked to them for days. And afterwards – they mailed me a succulent as a thank you. THE SWEETEST.

I’m telling you — it might have felt like a disaster of a day while I was in it, but coming out of it with these two — clearly a win.