May 2, 2017

Vendor Love // There Will Be Cake

hudson valley wedding photographer

I’ve always had a thing or two for paper products. I literally have squealed over cute little notebooks with illustrated covers and crisp, blank pages — much more than I’ve squealed over things like, I don’t know, babies.  Like I said – I have a unhealthy addiction thing or two for paper products.

So – I shouldn’t be surprised that when it comes to photographing weddings – I always love how couples express their individuality, creativity + love through their wedding invitations, their elopement announcements, etc.

And while I’ve seen my fair share of wedding invites + stationery — none have struck my heart like the stuff that comes out of the There Will Be Cake studio.  Behind these enchanting, magical illustrated invitations are Jess + Robin – a lovely real life married couple + easily two of my favorite people ever.

I know what you’re thinking – I’m just being swayed by their generous, open hearted, grounded and kind souls and not their actual work. Well – hold on to your seats – your socks? your hat? – what’s that saying? – forget it – just hold on to whatever because their work is JUST AS amazing as they are.  I’m telling you – this is the most killer combo of all.

Choosing wedding vendors can be so overwhelming – a tad intimidating even at times.  Wow, I really make getting married sound … fun.  But honest talk – it’s a lot in moments!  And whether it’s somebody cooking the food your guests will enjoy – or the photographer telling your story throughout the day (hi!) – or the illustrator creating the unique stationery that captures the personality of the two of you + your wedding celebrations …. all of us as your vendors contribute to the energy around your wedding – and it works out well when you choose people with the kind of energy you want to align with.  You know the kind of the energy I’m talking about — the good kind.  AKA: The kind that There Will be Cake carries in everything that they do and everyone they work with.

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hudson valley wedding photographer