kind words

from some lovely people


Erin + Pat

Jen is everything you want the day of your wedding: kind, funny, pro-active, unobtrusive, but always there. I love love her photos so much, to the point that every time I go to make my wedding album I end up throwing up my hands and saying “ALL OF IT!”. Planning with her was great, she was game for anything and had such great ideas and was able to use our venues to the maximum amount. I’ve had multiple guests in the months since my wedding come up to me to tell me “your photographer was the best” and I have to agree!

Fatima + Firas

I don’t know how we got so lucky to find Jen! She is a very talented photographer, an incredible person and someone I’d now call a friend. We absolutely love our engagement photos and are *so* in love with our wedding photos. Jen is a true artist. She documented our day with an insane amount of patience (we took family portraits with what felt like 100 people) and attentiveness (they worked 12 hours!). They captured all of our special moments with such unparalleled beauty. I love Jen’s candid/editorial style. She has an eye for an aesthetic frame while also capturing genuine emotions on all of our family members. Honestly, it didn’t take long before I completely forgot that Jen was documenting our wedding day — and that’s the best kind of photographer to have. Leave your memories in good hands!

Alyce + Zoe

Jen is an absolute dream photographer! She was able to simultaneously reassure us, direct us to how to pose, make us feel like rockstars, and disappear so we barely even noticed her presence. She was calm and flexible, adjusting plans without missing a beat when the morning of our wedding was a bit rainy.Aside from her amazing demeanor, the photos are absolutely stunning. Jen has a great eye and captured so many sweet and touching moments in such an authentic way. Nothing felt forced, cliche or posed. We have had so many people comment on how much they liked Jen at the event, and how gorgeous our photos are.

Alayna + Brian

For a day with so many wonderful memories, it speaks volumes that Jen was one of the absolute highlights of our wedding. We were excited to work with her because her pictures seem like fine art photography first, and event photography second. We didn’t want a clinical documentary of our wedding; we wanted images that were creative/adventurous in the way they captured the little, beautiful moments of the day. Her photographs perfectly did that. Many of the staged portraits wound up looking like candids, she was receptive to our (maybe crazy) ideas, and some of her edits even reflected our personal styles of photography. Jen’s photos are a brilliant memory of not just the events of that day, but also capture the feelings and moments behind them. Additionally, Jen’s temperament and personality were an unexpected blessing. Look, weddings are wonderful, but they’re also stressful and awkward. But Jen knows how to work with those emotions, and she was a calming influence on us the whole time. She is unintrusive, but helpfully instructive. She can laugh, and she can cry. She can quietly take pictures of the two of you in silence without it feeling weird, and she can shout loud enough to wrangle all of your unruly family together for a group photo. At no point did Jen feel like an accessory to our wedding — she was part of the team, involved and invested in making the wonder of that day happen. We were so happy to share our day with her, and I think that element can sometimes be lost in the calculus of planning a wedding. Jen is simply the helpful, pleasant, and reassuring sort of person that you want to surround yourself with during the craziness of your wedding. We can’t recommend her highly enough.

Liz + Allison

Jen was one of the highlights of our entire wedding process. She was so wonderful to work with, and we could not be more thrilled with how her photos of our special day turned out. Jen is so easy-going, kind, and positive, while also being professional and knowing her stuff! She effortlessly guided us through how she would photograph our wedding, what she would need from us, etc. We had a great time with her during our engagement session as well. I could not recommend Jen more highly to any prospective clients – I hope we will cross paths with her again one day!

Kristin + Andrew

Where do we begin to express our gratitude to Story and Gold weddings? Jen is easy going and quick witted and quirky but also serious about her business and that resonated so much. Being photographed by Jen never felt like being photographed. And the pictures are stunning. We have received so many compliments.
The day of our wedding, I was so happy to see Jen — it was fun and funny and light. It was easy and not rushed or stressful. She interacted with our unruly wedding parties amazingly. Our parents adored her, and her ability to make the process feel easy. Her work is unique, not just good. It is real, not staged. And the process is natural and fun. We loved working with Jen!

Sarah + Andrew

Jen – these photos are truly amazing and everything we were hoping for. You are insanely talented and we couldn’t have asked for better photos or a more wonderful person taking the photos and spending the day with us. Thank you again for everything!

Joy + Wes

Stunning photos taken by my favorite person! I can not recommend anyone else more as a photographer than Jen. The experience was seamless from start to end and I couldn’t be happier with the end product. She has a lovely personality and has a way of making everyone feel very comfortable in front of the camera!

Maya + Cody

Jen was wonderful to work with and completely flexible around our schedule and needs for our big day. Warm and friendly, she made all of us ease and ninja-ed her way around the ceremony and cocktails to capture all the beautiful little moments we couldn’t catch in all the hustle and bustle on the big day. We especially appreciated her managing to hustle to the venue and back to our house just before the ceremony to capture my father and my father-in-law constructing our chuppah. It really touched me to see that moment in the weeks after ceremony because it was such a beautiful gesture of our families working together for me and my husband, but we never could have seen it if not for Jen’s lovely photos.