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Gorgeous Bacchus Bistro Wedding / Sarah + Andrew // Brooklyn Wedding Photographer

Here I am, trying to think of an appropriate lead in paragraph blurb about Sarah and Andrew’s beautiful Bacchus Bistro wedding when really, all I hear in my head is: VOWWWWSSSS. That’s right, vows. My most favorite, has-stuck-with-me-since-June part of their entire (ten hour!) day probably lasted a total of about 4 minutes. Sarah + […]

waveny house wedding

Romantic Waveny House Connecticut Wedding / Soyoung + Romain

Right after I took the above photo I fell backwards into a koi pond fountain (let’s say it was one of my most horrifying less graceful moments) and this intimate, beautiful wedding is STILL one of my absolute favorites. And I mean, I was bleeding through most of it – so you know it means something […]


best of 2017 // Hudson Valley + NYC Wedding Photographer

I thought the hardest part of doing this recap would be choosing the images and while, sure, it took me some time to narrow it down from the first round of 700 to only 50-some images YOU’RE WELCOME I’m finding the real struggle is trying to write something that sufficiently sums up all the feelings […]


Vendor Love // There Will Be Cake

I’ve always had a thing or two for paper products. I literally have squealed over cute little notebooks with illustrated covers and crisp, blank pages — much more than I’ve squealed over things like, I don’t know, babies.  Like I said – I have a unhealthy addiction thing or two for paper products. So – I shouldn’t be […]

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