April 18, 2018

Alyce + Zoe / Owenego Inn Wedding // Hudson Valley Gay Wedding Photographer

venue: Owenego Inn / Branford, Connecticut
second: Michael Calcagno
florals: DIY 

band: Wed Eagle 
coordinator: Colleen McCaughey
makeup: Luili Hajdini
hair: Luili Hajdini / Zoe-Annie McMahon
Alyce + Zoe did everything right. So many moments of their wedding day resonated deeply with me, at least they must have, because I was simultaneously laughing and crying throughout most of it. They surrounded themselves with the best kind of people. They got ready together (one of my favorite moves). They didn’t blink when they woke up to a little rain and cloudy weather — not forcing the day to be something pre-imagined, but just allowing the day to unfold into whatever it was meant to be. They included parent dances – dancing first with each of their dads and then another song, dancing with their moms. Their band’s frontwoman wore gold fringed armbands and worked a trombone (uh, please let me be your new best friend.) They were so present in the day – I’m still inspired.

I feel so lucky to have met these two women – they embody why I do what I do and even more importantly, why I love it so much.  Cannot wait to see their next adventures.