December 3, 2018

Sam + Zafar / NYC City Hall Elopement Photographer

This (one of my favorites – with two of my favorites) NYC City Hall elopement actually took place a couple of years ago – but I’m finally getting around to blogging a handful of my favorite images from the fall day.

I say it over and over, but I love elopements – especially these days I spend waiting in line and in quiet moments at City Hall. First of all – the people that get married at City Hall are through and through, my people. There’s this simultaneous feeling of something casual, something everyday along with feelings of such intimacy, sacredness. To me, it’s a magic combination. It feels real – and I supposed that goes back to these people being my people – they’re real and true to themselves and just like Sam + Zafar, I adore them, probably a little too much.

These two were together for years before making the trip to NYC (from Canada!) and getting ready at The Plaza all morning and then heading down with me to City Hall and getting married in front of their (super cute, super supportive) parents. I loved our day together – from the fancy hotel (those gold details! #hearteyes)  to wandering around the East Village talking about Canadian television shows. Fun fact – the last photo on this blog is one of my absolute favorite photographs I’ve ever taken. Top 5. Easy.

S + Z – thank you (even years later!) for giving me the chance to be a part of such an amazing NYC elopement! ?.


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