February 5, 2018

Kristin + Andrew / Engagement at Meadowburn Farm // Hudson Valley Wedding Photographer

Hellllooooo New Jersey!

Geographically speaking – I’m a tad of a confused mess when it comes to the layout of the Tri-state area – the tri three states being New York, New Jersey and uh, Pennsyl,¬†Connetic,¬†just, I don’t know, some other state. See? I’m just proving my point – a mess.

So this past September – when Kristin + Andrew reached out about their 2018 Meadowburn Farm wedding in some-town, state of New Jersey, I madly google-mapped while simultaneously on speakerphone saying things to them like, “Ah, yes! Vernon! That’s just a bit westsouthish to the east of me! Fantastic!”

Well short story even shorter – thanks to smart things like navigation systems, I did manage to find Meadownburn Farm and it is so lovely – just a real gem. I spent a foggy early autumn morning wandering the grounds with K+A and cannot wait for their September wedding at this beautiful venue!

Just have to make sure I stay focused and on timeline as I’ll be tempted to spend fruitless hours attempting to befriend the farm cats that clearly do not care for me.


Very nice pictures! Amazing!

Excellent work! It’s beautiful!