April 21, 2017

Kate + Igor // Hudson Valley Engagement Photographer

The Hudson Valley winked at me the entire time of this lovely engagement with Kate + Igor.  This session is from this past fall — i.e. the peak of crispness  — and I’m finally, a couple seasons later, getting around to blog about it.

I have a few goals when I head into an engagement session.  Top of my list – always – highest, highest priority – is that I don’t fall down.  Right below – like picture me holding my hand in a straight horizontal line pretty high above my head and then I move it down barely – like I didn’t really move it, but I moved it – right there, is my next goal – which is really capturing your personalities and characters and the relationship you share.

For these two – I hope that I conveyed their kindness + the relaxed, easy love that I felt between the two of them.  I was so lucky to spend a couple of hours with them – and find one of my new favorite parks! – they were so comfortable to be around, which I feel always says so much about someone.

And jesus – I love the Hudson Valley!  Consider yourself lucky that didn’t come through in all caps because I’m sorta all capital letters about my love for where I live.

Enough ramblings – here’s more Kate + Igor.

hudson valley wedding photographer hudson valley wedding photographer


Love the location. Stunning images!