August 7, 2015

Herson + Brayan // NYC Gay Engagement Photographer

When I met up with Herson + Brayan, we started their session by chatting a little about what they were going for + some of the ‘engagement poses’ they liked. And it was when Brayan said he loved that pose of the two people just facing each other, with their foreheads together that I realized we were going to get along juuuusssstttt fine. I think I awkwardly patted his hand and smiling, silently nodded for like a solid three minutes. All while staring in his eyes, you know, to top off the creepiness.

These two are unbelievable, fantastic human beings. I’ve learned that in a lot of small business exercises, it’s helpful to visual or imagine the kind of clients you want to attract. At the top of my list, every time, is kind. Kind clients. And saying that out loud sounds as silly as my (short) list looks. And maybe I should add creative or flexible or totally loaded — but in my experience nothing impacts me or my work like kindness.

Herson and Brayan — are kind. These two are all love. I didn’t want their session to end.  And this was a session that took place on a 90 degree summer day – I will do my best to not harp about the amount of sweating (SO MUCH SWEAT).  Back to these boys — it was impossible not to feel their love, especially for each other.  It felt solid and grounded and as real as anything could feel.

A few of my favorite images from our time together ….



Such a gorgeous shoot. You can really tell how much they love each other. Beautiful images!