January 30, 2020

Best of 2019

It always brings up a lot of emotions — when I take a minute and go back over the past year to find and publish my favorite images. It’s always a little surprising too — I see things in a new light, from a new perspective. It can get tricky, trying to find “the best” photos, but it always get smoother, easier, when I drop looking for the best (whatever that means) and rediscover my favorites, the ones that impact me, the ones make me feel the things.

This time around I felt an overwhelming amount of gratitude, thankfulness, for the people that I got to work with this past year. Like, a ridiculous surge of love for these couples that hire me, trust me, support me — that bring me along on these intimate, fun, chaotic, emotional days and allow me to be a part of such magic. I feel very lucky that they find me — sometimes word of one mouth to another mouth to another, etc — sometimes just floating around out there in the internets – just somehow we manage to connect and I thank all the stars for it.