Preview / Fatima + Firas // Maison May Brooklyn Wedding Photographer

I wish I could tell you that putting together these wedding day previews is a technical, calm, organized process.

It starts off that way, I promise. I upload the thooouuusssaannddss of photos and then I start going through them one by one in my home office – patiently, with washed hair and drinking chamomile tea or you know, a scene like that.  So you see – it starts off calm and organized and nice and I’m organized, doing you know, organized things.

But then my right eye starts twitching.  And just about twenty images in – so let’s say it’s been a good 45 seconds – I can’t stop myself from starting to frantically scroll through the thousands of thumbnail images staring at me from my big computer screen.  getting ready! the first look! the ceremony! the reception! sparklers! SPARKLERS! I’ll edit this photo! I love it! Now I’ll edit this photo! No, I hate it. Oh, but I love this one! I’ll edit it! I put it on the instagram! I text it to my mom!

And yes, that is a literal translation of the madness that at this point is happening inside my head.

So, by the time I need to rein it in to actually put together twenty or so images for a wedding day preview I am a little all over the map.  Ok, I’m really all over the map.  Who am I kidding – there’s no map at this point.  My eyes are totally glazed over from trying to look at four thousand photos in three minutes and MAYBE crying at some of the photos.  Mayyyybe crying at all of the photos.  I don’t know, stop asking me!

For Fatima + Firas’ wedding – this whole process felt doubly difficult because c’mon – this was one of my favorite days ever, let alone one of my favorite weddings.  It was happy, joyous, emotional, beautiful – and I often felt like I was standing in the middle of a movie, watching characters around me laughing and hugging all in slow motion with emotional music in the background.

And so here’s my favorites – so far – without quite looking closely at each and every frame I captured, these were the photos that jumped out at me first – and caught at my heartstrings.

I can’t wait for the rest.

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These are everything! The staircase pic… ahhh! 😍😍😍 I want to go there now in a gown. The couple, the flowers(I also need that bouquet!), these are lovely. Congratulations to the beautiful couple and to you for capturing yet another special moment to share with us! Xo ~ Kellie

These pics are amazing! I love your story telling, both in your writing and in your photography. You continually blow me away ❤️