The first wedding I ever photographed took place in the center of a small city, three days after that state began legally recognizing gay marriages.

About fifty people sat on concrete steps in the bright sun and watched as two women promised things to one another and put rings on their hands and kissed in between joyful tears running down their faces.

This was the moment I fell in love with wedding photography.  And I fell hard.

I didn’t just want to photograph weddings — I wanted needed to tell these stories.  Story & Gold Weddings was born out of the desire to record and capture the stories behind, between and in front of two people in love.  With a sensitive and subtle perspective, I capture sincere moments that when pieced together, make up our lives.



Hi there, I’m Jen Brister — in addition to a storyteller, a photographer and a decent ping pong player.

Originally from the midwest, my hometown roots have given me a love of small towns and casseroles.  Now, as a still rather new New Yorker, I find endless inspiration in the green of the Hudson Valley and the energy of NYC.

Strengths include using my awkward charm to make nearly anyone comfortable in front of my camera and I’m surprisingly a good cook (see above re: casseroles).  I’m also creepy good at remembering names.

I live with my partner now fiancee! + our dog in the Hudson Valley.

And I can always be reached at hello@storyandgoldweddings.com or 845.275.7970.